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Make it to the top (Freestyle)

You gotta lot of respect to earn sonny
You ain't me yet, you wack you use us like burnt money
You like a womans cunt, with syphillis around you
Put on your swimming trunks, so i can drown you
When i flip at you all starring odd
This violence is beautyfull like a roach, crawling on the floor
You insult me you'll be screaming out help me
I'll helping ya dap, like smoking sigarets when you both unhealthy
Shout out to the thugsnation, to all our opposition
We're bringing competition like waterbugs racing
You can't step to me kid shame on you!
You're stumbled and crumbled, like theres a flame on you
Ya flesh burns up like (?), kicking the brutal truth
Torture your ears like harmonica's
Chainsaw in the fatto, its like slaughtering cattle
When ordering in battle, i'm morbid like a shadow
People jacking me off in a curse, you can't diss me
I dont take you seriously, like female officers
Your raps are like fabricsoffiners
So i'm forced to acid, morphine casket caughing
You end up with a wrecked face
After you'll bucked up with a Glock
You need to rock a neckbrace for sucking so much cock
Propriating with a nun under my bed, negotiating with me
Is like always having a gun to your head
Poisoning you, spiking ya mail, you urkel lookin bitches
Stitches will circel your skull like a wheel
Your style is old like a rotted titty
Every sentence you say get mad attention a lot of pitty
During any riot involvement i dominate the scene
Like a clock ticking in a quiet appartment
Swinging (?), my movies are associated with death
Cause i'm a funeral director

Imma make it to the top, swinging at you chop, chop
Till you motherfucking drop blue bitch...

You're.. faggot!

You will die..

We kill you..

You mother... fucker..

We blast you.. in your face..

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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