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Mona Lisa*

Snippet previwed by Martin Shrekeli who holds a copy of C5

[Lil Wayne]
Niggas was [??] , still second guessing
Say nothin' to me yeah
She like [?]
She know [??]
Tell me where is [??] when you come [??]
No when you don't tell me where the [??] know when you gone, tell me when to visit and we break in your home, let's take this vicinity
They take the specifics and tailor them to you
Like she aim for me nigga
You were dead after we [??]

[Kendrick Lamar]
Make 'em do religion with it
Man a nigga 'bout to go against god
OMG, niggas been [??]
[??] dead casket
Go to the kid like the bitch [??]
And you blowup, you know what I [??]

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