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Money in Da Bank

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Benjamin Franklin, I adore you
If it ain't about money baby, I ignore you
I gotta keep the car running, I get oil
That's the [?], But i'ma get there for you
Yea, are we there yet?
Hopping off the clear jet
Rocks got my neck scratched
Ice got my ears wet
Dice game, big benz, tell that nigga spend his ho
Drop a hundred-thousand on the diamond, what we livin' fo
Shit why we hustlin'?
Nigga why you buggin'?
My money like PMS, shit come monthly
Here come your woman, with all that lustin'
Bitch all on a nigga bread like mustard
Bitch all in a nigga bed like covers
Bitch go down, so low like shovels
I'm just tryin' to get it all together like a puzzle
Birdman jr, more money than muscle

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Finger nails still smell like plastic
Rubber band marks on the wrist is a habit
Rubber grip Glock protect me like a bandage
Tell your girlfriend, I got a log for a cabin
Tell your boyfriend, I'm a dawg he a rabbit
Bitch I got stashes, from the mattress to the attic
And we smoke patches of the cabbage, dramatic
Tell the weed-man, that I'm a fuckin' fanatic
Mama up in the traffic, trunk full of the package
If she make it to me, i'ma make the ho an actress
Maxin' Relaxin' hiding behind the glasses
I have your family, ridin' behind the casket
Murder capital, bitch it's time for some action
Niggas want peace, but we give them ho's a fraction
-Of the murder rate, Don't be a part of the percentage
Now break me off my penny, you piggy

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
(Yeah, i'm so good)
If I ain't gettin' dough, then I'm probably dead baby
The grass gotta grow, the bears gotta be fed
Don't come near the cage, if you ain't got no bread
We ain't nothing but a gang, and i'm the honcho head
I ain't never had nothing, but some money to turn to
Some bitches to toss up, some weed to burn through
If this real shit, then this don't concern you
The days of my life, i'm just free to journal
Thumbing through the pages, i'm tryin' to learn you
It's hot down south, keep your heat in the thermal
It might be a surpriser cuz, the shit ain't normal
Man the shit just terrible, but the shit ain't changing
Look how [?]
The city wiped out, now the city famous
But Lil Wayne is the city's angel
Guess who's remaining after all that drainage

Weezy... Baby... (bitch)

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