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Monifah's Anthem

[Queen Pen]
Ahh, tell me
What's the real definition of a bad girl?
Pam, Mo', Queen Pen
Break it down, how you feel about this?
Three the hard way
Monifah tell 'em how you do, baby

Drop dead in my Gucci threads
Hair real wild with the brightest smile
I'm feeling hot, I'm ready to get loud
And in your mind I leave you with no doubt
That I'm a...

1 - Bad girl, bad girl
You're such a little bad girl
Uh-huh yeah that's me
Bad girl, bad girl
You're such a little bad girl
Bad, bad, bad girl

Hit me one time
But ain't no doubt on how I get down
You'll always know when I'm in your town
I jet set from east to west
And when I groove just give me my room

I'm a...

Repeat 1

[Queen Pen]
Mo' none of the hoes can stop our flow
We've been doing this since '84
Iron maiden, don't let the hype get it twisted
I'm bad to the bone, bitch check this
What you gettin' now, we've don' seen in triplets
Before record deals, we were still chicken
And we's the kind of chicks that they love to hate
Playin' both sides of the game and still hold weight
Bad girls take yours in your own state
Bad girls break rules of taboo in the worst way
But when it's said and done, we still get the pay
Without videos or a little bit of fame
Bad girls never depend on the next nigga's change
His dough is only here just to add to our cake
Follow that rule and ya'll gon' to be okay
We learned from the baddest
Remember our names
Uh, what's my motherfuckin' name

Repeat 1 until fade

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