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[Intro: Young Thug & Future]
Wheezy outta here
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm f*ckin' a bitch in a pent' (Ski)
I'm f*ckin' a bitch in a Patek (Ski, ski)
I f*cked a lil' bitch on the couch (Ski)
We f*ckin' all over the house (Mop)

[Chorus: Young Thug]
She said, "Ain't no teeth on ya cock" (Yeah)
You took the words right out of my mouth (Mop)
I took the bitch out of her county
Then dropped the bitch off in the South (Mop)
I nutted all over her face (Mop)
And now she look like a cow (Mop)
Let's go to Saint-Tropez (Mop)
This bitch 'bout to sprint out the house, pew (Mop)

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Monica Lewinsky (Ski)
Pass me your friend-ski (Ski, ski)
I did a spin-ski (Ski)
Out of a Benz-ski (Ski, ski)
Everything is fancy (Fancy)
Music in the pantry (Yeah)
Twenty-foot Christmas tree (Twenty)
This is how Christmas be (Yeah)
Ridin' down McAfee (Skrrt, skrrt)
Two gun, Pistol Pete (Mop)
Yeah, real right blood (Blood)
Boolin' in the 'yo with my cuh (cuh)
Yeah, spider web spud (Spider)
Kickin' my pimpin', no crutch (Yeah)
Young nigga so bossed up (What?)
Might as well smoke me a dutch (Yeah)
[Verse 2: Gunna]
Emeralds, green diamonds (Green)
Gators, they slimey (Slime)
Car clear coat and polished
Please go fire your stylist (Fire)
Fly the G5 at the highest and we in cahoots with the pilot (Yeah)
That lil' bitch you cuffin' is cute, but her lil' cooch got high mileage (Wooh)
Good brain and she still go to college
We pullin' up big Bentley B 'cause she solid (Big B)
Every day, I wake up to deposits
Swear, every day, I could catch you my pocket (Yeah)
This bitch got a hell of a noggin
She ate the whole dick, she a goblin (Woah)
You the reason we callin' it mop
You the reason I'm losin' my socks (Mop)
I took the M out her mouth
I took the T out of the top (Mop)
That mop wanna meet at the house
I texted her back, droppin' the dot (Mop)
She suckin' my dick with a towel (Towel)
You know she got sliggity slop (Slop)
Her lips haven't lickety locked (Locked)
I won't ever tell her to stop (Mop)

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