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[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
You don't wanna be out in the streets
Mouth full of blood, and a soul full of heat
A house full of thugs, and the orders will be like;
"Don't leave 'til you get all of the Ki's"
Head full of holes, and your blood on my sneaks
Like "These is $650, your blood too cheap."
Me, I'm from New Orleans, where we hustle in the heat
And enough work to have the cops hustlin' for me, shit
Little city, but ain't nothin' here for free
I'm a Uptown nigga, put my money by my teeth, yeah
And its magic whenever I hear the beat
But give me a hundred Ki's, y'all will never hear from me, shit
Young Money, and the leverage is deep
I am better than I ever been, that other shit was weak
Fuck makin' it in the industry, I made it in the streets
Now my eyes is arms, and I'm taking what I see, nigga
You can get got on the spot
Shot in the club parking lot from the AK
I'm shootin' 'til the trigger get hot, ah
Pull my sleeve over my hand, and then spray
Don't come with no revolvers, (Revolvers?)
Don't come with no revolvers, (Revolvers?)
Don't come with no revolvers, please
Cause these thing over 50 a piece

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