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Move Around

Erywhere for they check nigga

I just been moving around for the money
I'm moving around for them racks shawty
I'm moving around for the money
I been moving around for them bands, boy
I'm moving around for the money
I'm moving around for the check, yeah
I'm moving around for the money
Keep moving
Woop, woop, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
The driver called me said its traffic
He load it down but I'm like keep moving
Thousand pounds, we the shit in town
Lets re up we can and [?]
Molly got the money moving
Remaking me move slow
I got ice rich so I'm whipping this
Got a choppa by the front doors
Been here for years I won't go
I got a court date I won't show
I got a mortgage that won't low
I got a storage full of coke
I got a crush on the DA
And this bitch just send me away
But I met my plug in prison
Right now I got yay


[Verse 2]
[?] baby mama bitchin'
But the work coming and the money moving
Neighbors looking but I'm still cooking
Don't worry bout what the fuck we doing
Look in the cabinet and all the [?] is ruined
I'm just breaking down bricks, niggas won't come in, mama break to it
I got 36 ways I can get paid
I got dog food
I got [?]
I got rich with 50
And I'm still in this
Riding round right now with a life sentence


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