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Moving On

It was once said to me that the things the I created where never intended for my possession
So I said to myself this to shall pass. So I had to move on

Sometimes we get stuck like a tire in some mud, and we can't get up (seems like we can't get get up)
Sometimes we fall down when nobody's around to help us up (to help us up)
There's a voice in our heads when you're think you're dead that says get up (get up get up get up)
It's the will to survive and the fight that's still alive (alive) and all the so I said

Time for me for me to get going and I won't let nobody hold me I'm moving on
'Cause my will so strong. Everyday is a lesson every night I count my blessings I'm moving on
'Cause my will so strong. I'll be moving on

I don't know what time I gotta go, all I know is soon (and real soon)
And trouble may find me not at home. Just an empty room (just and empty room)
So I'm leaving it behind (it behind). Hope that it don't find. Hope that it don't find me ever again
It just gotta be some kind of way (Form of silver lining)……..it just gotta be cause its my time

I been down on my knuckles (on my knuckles) and I been around in circles (round in circles)
It seems like its about to burn (its about to burn). Like everything is over (Its over)
I just can't give up now (never) nothing can't stop me (never). Hold On [x9]


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