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Mr. Biggs

Yeah, Mr Biggs
Hold on, hold on, hold on
Yeah, well not because of my size
Hey, yo, hey, yo hey, ho, haha
I might as well get me a bitch to say my name on all my songs

Nigga, I'm young as a motherfucker
But money a motherfucker
Young Money motherfucker
Get it in blood puddles, shit
I'm in the South, where we livin' in mud puddles
Shit is a drug struggle when you niggas uppin' prices
I hug the Glock like a turnbuckle
Can't get stopped by the vices, no license
Rollin' like dices on the streets
Where the eyes is high
Where the crime is life
And the life is time
And the time is jail
And in the jail you stressin'
The judge probably hit me wit an algebraic expression
But I get away free like Ocean's 11
And I'm motion of metal
Like a pro-fiessional
And I'm rollin' especially like a pimp supposed to
Watch how you sit down, something's in that sofa
If she wit me, you know that something's in that hoe bra
She's a foreigner, so she say [?]
I get broke off, and they get broker
They like "so what?"
I'm like "so when?"
We gon' know then
How to turn in, turn out
'Cause we gon' shoot back
'Till the burners burn out
'Till the burnin' burn down every house the block hold
I'm hollerin' at you niggas with every shot the block hold
You can't see me, there's a thousand blindfolds
And my mindstate, is put a thousand on top of those
I do school and do lunch at Papa Do's
They want beef, I turn that to sloppy joes
Copycats brrrrat, copy those
Had a strong relationship wit expensive clothes
This stuntin' shit is expensive and intense
Like pullin' up in somethin' Americans can't invent
I make 'em fall back, they gotta indent
Like a paragraph, the first sentence
Shit, I'm way smarter, man, I'm more gifted
Straight from the womb to pro, prolific
I'm so, I'm so so, I'm so lifted
High in the sky, me and pops takin' pictures
That's my vision, until my vision is vivid
I'ma give it all I got
We good, Jigga? You bitches!

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