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My Name Is Leak Jones

Uhh slick diggy on my my one and two
So sweet what i did what a hunny do
No pun intendant, no one offended
You jump in and leave your girlfirend unattendant
I holla at her, holaa but dont scream
I ask her why sleep if you dont dream
So lets stay awake besides dreams are fake
She said oo you deep, i ask how deep can you take
My love boat in your lake
Baby can i spit my love note in your gate
Read em weep, sincerely fucking yours Weezy F. B
And my name is Weezy baby, and I'm young mulla baby
Okay now shawty high yellow shawty high crown
Shawty so grove
And so is my crown baby color me bad
Shawty toe red
And so is my flag
Purple in my bag
Black girls like datt
She ain't wana (she ain't wana) let wayne go
She jus wana wana follow the wayne grove
And i gun let her
Cause me and her colours create art
And my name is weeezy babyyy
And iam young mulla baby
I prefer that you would just call me weezy
East side gansta and i be running this shit
Like the flanker, black car banker
Hannker in the back pocket and i where them skinny jeans
So you see my fat wallet
Thats right ima big shot
Call me little cannon ball
Mister get up in your girl im all
Like sum imbecile
Hip hop president
And my girl eloquent
Dont she have more junk in her trunk
Than an elephant
Nigga im an animal
Watch me i examin you
And my truck are old but i swear to you my flannel?
Man i get money manual
Then i just mang you
Bitch ass nigga
Im guna light my lan roof
Young money

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