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My Name Is

My name is
My name is
My name is
Weezy Baby
And I'm high
Like maintenance
I'm smokin'
I'm drankin'
Leanin' daily
Like, hi
My name is
You know what my name is
Bitch, I'm famous
Like Tom Brady
And hi
Your name is?
Not important
Who cares?
Not Weezy Baby, uh

[Verse 1]
Wake up, I see bad bitch, bad bitch, bad bitch
Makeup on my pillows make me mad, bitch
Without no makeup, I see that bitch as just average
Uber, Uber, Uber, Uber, Taxi
Looking at my Rollie, I got boogers on my Rollie
'Bout to hook up with my whoadies
Got the hook up on that Codeine
Got the sugar for your nose ring
Got the blooka, I'm reloading
And according to my darling
This dick feels so damn rewarding
I'm reporting out of shorty
She so naughty, me so horny
Kilo on me, like I'm Tony
Break it down to Rice-A-Roni
Take her out, look like she lonely
I'm gonna candlelight the moment
I'mma vandalize the pussy
She told him "My phone was roaming"
She be moaning to the morning
I be goin' in
I be on it, I be in it
I'm like Foreman on the grill
And I got doorman at the entrance
They got pistols in they trenches
They got rituals, religion
And I'm like, bitch, you know I'm sipping til I die

My name is
Lil Wayne, bitch
Weezy, F. Baby
Her name went
From whatever-it-was
To "Lil Wayne's bitch"
Now that's crazy
And I
I camed in
Regained strength
Rebanged it
Her guy
He's nameless
He ain't shit
Always on the same shit
Poor baby

[Verse 2]
I pour up so much they call me Pour Baby
Kush man, I need a sack like Charles Haley
Sipping to the Big Moe, I'm the Barr Baby
Sip got me moving slow but my thoughts racing
My long days give me short patience
My heart vacant
Awards taken
What in tarnation?
No information, no statements
Young mula, old mula, mula all ages
Ha-Hallelujah, I'm the Hollygrove 2Pac
Roc-A-Fella, new rock
Hundred K in a shoebox
AK and a new Glock
Go wap-ba-ba-loo-bop
Pray the vest you got
Save you like a coupon
Hustle til my dreadlock
Is grey as some Poupon
Every day is my birthday, I'm a newborn
Stay on my toes, ask a shoe horn
I ain't got no roof on
Gettin' my No Ceilings 2 on

And hi
I'm brainless
I'm stainless
His lady
And, um, if she ain't thick
Then she ain't it
I can't fuck wit'
A slim lady
I tried
Keep complaining
Bitch ancient
Bitch shady
And she tired
Okay then
I'm skatin'
Doing tricks, call me 'trick Swayze

[Verse 3]
In other news, in other niggas' hoes
Your wife taste like Honey Nut Cheerios
I'm in the mirror, like "Ooh baby"
Who needs a miracle when I got you, baby
Pimping in my last life
I'm the shit you ass-wipe
Beat the pussy, cat fight
My teeth look like a flashlight
Weed is like a airline
Cause easily I'm that high
Fistful of money
Mix some green in with your black eye
Greedy like a fat guy
I'll eat a nigga franchise
I beat him by a landslide
A leader like a rabbi
I'm leading by halftime
He bleeding, I'm a vampire
His body in the trunk with his feet all on my Alpines
We the niggas, that's right
We all that and fries
Y'all on standby
My broads got cat eyes
Trap house land lines
Boom like land mines
All my bitches allies
With Tune on their backsides

[Hook ]
So hi
My name is
On her anus
On her cranium
Bitch cravin'
And I'm fly
And I'm wavy
And her name is Bust It Baby
And hi
My name is in your mouth
It must be tasty

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