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My Weezy

this a big E beat, and ima cook this bitch like pinky meat
you can get pork chop, young money bitch let the champagne cork pop,
i would bat your man, now go tell her short stop
ok bitch you do the wop, well bitch i do the guap,
ok man you do the drop, well man i do the yacht,
you pull up in parking lots, i pull up the dock like YEAH
macaroni greens and hamhock, i am not on your planet like Dr. Spock, Rock
to my own tune, ???? tune, my stomach hurt and my shit is dropping real soon
kill whom and whoever for whatever, that barrel longer than a word with 10 letters now you spell it
i say young money bitch forever, and we better than all these mothaf**kas up in this era, know'm talkin bout?
i tell my niggas pick the target out, and then i quickly pick the target off
like volleyball, ima serve em, and bein fake is pussy so nigga ima virgin
dr. carter tell the bitches im a surgeon, cleaner than some brand new detergent, ya heard me?
and i make ya bitch get on the plane with that fergie, tell em birdman jr. birdy

Date Added: 2008-11-14
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