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(Let the band play)

Tried tellin' them niggas, Fuck it I ain't waitin' on nobody

[Hook: Young Buck]
I’m rollin’ through my neighborhood
Just servin’ bricks myself
(I’m pullin’ up for that check nigga)
I’m servin’ it myself
Niggas say they gon' do it for me but I’m doin’ this myself
(I ain't waitin’ on nobody)
I’m doin’ this myself
(I’m just pourin' up I don't know what this money did doing to me
I just been buyin' foreign cars and blowin' bands on jewelry)
And I’m pullin’ on with that chopper nigga
I'm shootin' this myself
Nothin’ gonna stop a nigga
I’m doin’ this myself, nigga

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
I counted up a nigga life savings in the last past 30 minutes y’all
Any nigga that was broke with me
And sellin’ dope with me, now we’re finna ball
Can’t fuck with you if you thinking small
I used to say I didn't want it all
Now I'm try'na load this bitch down
With a thousand pounds in this U-haul
I know my bitch probably cheating on me
I ain’t trippin’ homie, Where the paper at
All these hoe niggas just now buyin' bricks
Bitches too late for that
Pullin' up on these celebrity hoes
Like turn up bitch you borin'
On the red carpet, with a project bitch
That ain't never fucked in a foreign
Still postin’ up with the young niggas
While they got the whole clip showin'
If they double up what i throw em
I tell ‘em young niggas keep goin’
You know it's always that broke nigga
Tellin’ you how to sell your dope nigga
I ain’t listenin' no nigga
I’mma sell this work myself


[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
The sign is there, It's on you to read it
You can fight the case but what if you dont beat it
Niggas always offer when you don't need it
All the shit they said they did you don't see it
In that dope house you see that sun light
If you don't do it, the shit won't get right
All 5 niggas get killed in one night
I ain't sayin' don't come, Just saying come right
Two in the face at least two in the dome
It's always better results when you do it alone
I’m just thinkin’ bout makin’ it home
They either got your prints or got'chu on the phone
They ain’t got shit, Cuz they ain’t know shit
And I ain’t say shit and I don't show shit
High as a kite, But I be on some low shit
T.T.G nigga, Train to go shit
Credits A1 and i don't owe shit
'Bout my paper, I ain’t with that broke shit
I just finish it, I don't provoke shit
Light that weed up, watch that coke flip
I ain’t got nothin' to prove to myself
Work gotta go, I'ma move it myself
Even though I got shooters, I'ma shooter myself
Matter fact fall back, I’mma do it myself


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