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Mystic River

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
Come and flow with me down mystic river
I’m like moonshine, I shift your liver
This a Kodak moment, life is pictured
The frame is the world that surrounds the picture
After two sons and three daughters, I’m purified
Like Arrow Head mountain spring water
Life can suck breath outta you like mosquitoes
I scooped up the game like two steelos
I locked up bangin a lot
Stuck in a sink for a Newport menthol box
Is there any way I could escape
From the bad decisions in my life I made
Grab up the tape, clear the floor
Strap up the 8 nigga and clear the door
It’s like U-Haul trucks
Hittin every vicinity you heart touched
It’s about to be a house party crackin up the street
With them bangin ass woofers, the speakers and the beat
Just a little bit of this, and get a little bit of that
From the front to the back (*back*), dip to Battlecat
I’m on float like doves
Sit on the clouds and smoke my dubs
I'm up above like cuz, sit on the balcony and smoke my bud

[Chorus: Daz]
D-P (D-P, D-P-G-C)
G-C (D-P, D-P-G-C)

[Verse 2: Kurupt]
I’m a profit prophet
I’m a prophet when it comes to profit nigga
I’m a legend and icon like Lou Dosset nigga
Pushed from Gabon to Syria, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania
Kenya to Nigeria, Belgium to Algeria
Liberia to Los Angeles, Morocco and all areas
Listen, let’s take us a trip to east [?]
Egypt to trip they pop they dog collar
Hogs holla Guatemala to Eastern Europe
To Nicaragua nigga Gotti is all rider
This is just a description
Specific formulas of untapped encryptions
I got it all mapped out (*out, out*)
Think about it for while til I blackout (*out, out*)
But now I'm back in curcuit
To reconstruct the service the game is hurting
Dogg Pound Gangsta gang remain and working
Political purpose squeeze like nooses [?]
They're about to raise the curtains we're at your service, nigga
Don't get nervous
Cause I get ya, slit ya, ankle to cervix
Cause they always wanna doubt ya
Niggas like bitches, they can't live without ya
Ay homie, tell me what you think
Niggas wake up eat, shit n sleep hate
Ay homie, tell me what you thought
When your homeboy got rolled the fuck up, huh?
Ay homie, tell me what it is
The cars and the bitches, the diamonds or the cribs?
Ay nigga, tell me what you want
My memories my future up front?
My memories my future's what you want?
The nickel or the rage or the gauge ride pump
This nigga's a mystery, historical pre-historic DPG history
He even has his own theory field at USC teaching DP'ology
The life of a G
BC, Young Gotti, Snoop, D-A-Z nigga

[Chorus: Daz]
D-P (D-P, D-P-G-C)
G-C (D-P, D-P-G-C)

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