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* Yo Blaze you so nasty, you know you nasty
Man you so nasty, you know you nasty, yo Blaze you nasty

Scabs and bubble gum, peanut butter on ya toe nail
Flickin' boogers in ya ginger-ail
Get's my chain, bust ya in the face
Then wipe my butt, so now it's kinda itchay!
Drink doosh bags like wine coolas!
And throw gang signs for all the old schoolas!
I stuck an AK in a hoodrat booty
'Cause I found out she was a groopie!
If I blow ass, you gonna know fast
All y'all gone' need a fuckin' gas mask
I'm the yellow shit underneith ya armpit
And when I talk, that's fine, 'cause I spit
I'm like clay, wet, smelly and gray
I wore the same clothes forever and a day
Now you can hate me and try to say I'm trashy
And if you go & ask somebody, they'll tell ya that i'm
nasty, that I'm nasty!

You nasty Blaze, you nasty
You nasty Blaze, you nasty
You nasty Blaze, you nasty
You nasty, nasty, you nasty, nasty x2

I'll use Anybody Killa rubber, after him
I aint payin' shit and time's costin'
Mo money, and not enough veel
Word to ya neden, I'm just tellin' the deal
I suck the pus out my own pimples
And spit it on yo ass and fill up the dimples
I'm the lint, in ya belly button
Fuzzy like Moe, aint that somethin'?
I like to fuck chickens, then 'que'em
Barbeque sauce on my balls just for screwin'em
I go swimmin', in a port-a-potty
And have shit and piss, on my face and body
I like to party, with my pants off
When my dick gets hard, smack it and it goes soft
I'll suck the blood, out a Tampon
I'm nasty as the mother fuckin' ground that I stand on
*Anybody Killa*"Only if you standing in a pile of shit!"


I stay funky like a doo chip, I wipe
Snot on your bed spread, lil' sister pussy lip
I got mice sleepin' in the holes in my back
I tried to evict'em, they said fuck that!
Dirt under fingernails, wounds don't heal
Skrimp on my double burger, value meal
Take home some hookers, with no teeth
But still got lips and loopy ass cheeks
I'm the melted ice cream covered in ants
Got dried blood and guts on my favorite black pants
This one freeky bitch, tried to piss on me
So I sit on her, so that she can see
that killas don't swing like that
So open the neden real wide, and I stuffed in a rat
Why you think all the hoodrats ask me
"Blaze why the fuck is you so damn nasty?"

*Violent J* "Shut the fuck up bitch"
Blaze Ya Dead Homie Nasty

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