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New Orleans Presidential Shit

Sayin Baby I'm A Good Fella & Bout To Make It
But I Been Made Hoe, I Been Paid Hoe
I Spent 2 Thousand Dollars On These Shades Hoe
I'm Red Hot I'm Ice Cold I Got Enuf Cheese To Keep Me Out That Mice Hole
I Got Nice Hoes I Got Bad Bitches
Yea Daddy Flippin
Hey where we From? (Tell Em) New Orleans
Hurricanes, Pussy Poppers, Murder Scenes
Hey what we drank? That Lean
Cause That Liquor Get A nigga Ass Beat?
Hey what we smoke? That piffin
Presidential Shit Bill Clinton
Black Phantom Windows Tinted
Presidential Shit Monica Lewinski
Bitch I'm Back For The Mother F*ckin Title It's Your Idol
Get Money Till I Die Got My Hand On The Bible
I'm a spray
With A Hand Full Of Rifle
If Your Man Feelin eiffel {tower} I'm a Make His Ass Lean (yea)
60 Grand Cut The Lights On
40 Grand For The Flow Cut The Mic On
That's Right Hoe
Purple with that
Bitch I'm On That Lean
And I'm On That Green
Won The Championship And I'm Still On That Team
And I'm The Romance Dream
And if you Feelin Cold Man I'm a Blow That Steam
And I'm So Damn Clean
These Lee's cost a stack, that's throwback jeans
You wouldn't know that, you don't roll like me
We in the buildin everything cool til I scream... !
Ridin In The Caddy Mo, Blowin Like Satchmo
I'm A High Strap Low Baby
Whatcha kno?
Tables Turn, picture changed, New Photo Different Frame
Money Up, Champagne, Still Posin Same Game
Cash Money Still Do It For The Money
Got A Black Car, Grey Car, Gas Card, Green Car
Back Yard Theme Park, Front Yard Car Show
I'm Somewhere In The House And It's Like Where Waldo?
10 Bricks Straight powder
Weezy F Straight Hustlin No Barcode
You Don't Know What My Heart Holds- Straight Fuel
Take Your Bitch From The Club Make Her Ass A Mule
Put Some Weight On Her Back Make Her Ass Move
She Get Daddy Money Back That's A Fast Move
40 G's One Chain That's A Man's Jewels
45 for The Jack Move
Smooth Out My Mansion To My Whip
I Leave The Bullshit Inside With My Bitch
Remove The Heavy Ass Gun From My Hip
Then Sit The Same Heavy Ass Strap On My Lap
I'm Steady As Crack With The Strap
I'm Heavy As The White But D'Wayne Not Fat
I'm Right Like
& The Fetti Is The Facts
The Birdman Jr Holla Back When U Stack
I'm Just Tryin To Let My Hair Back
And Chill Where They Got Some Air At, U Hear That?
Chamapgne, Clear Liquor, Put That Beer Back
Got Work So Cheap It's On Sears Racks
Holla At Me On The Low Once Ya Hear That
The Feds Buy Mixtapes Yea I'm Aware Of That
But This Is The Suffix You Scared Of That
When You Get Shot You Know Where U At
Hey Where We From (Tell Em)
New Orleans

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