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No lie

Y, colorful like Chapel paint
You hapless fakes should know I'm the master bate
After dates: my place, innate to take out wrappers straight rappin' great
Keep spitin' till my lips bleed
Bury you 6 feet, got your girl fist deep
Your shit's weak, Ripley says mines risky
I take the stick out her mouth, just to let my chick breath
This'll make you spend your rainy day savings
I radiate rabis and I'd maybe date Brady's wife
She's a Brazilian baby from the 80's
Maybe be my lady, spit crazy and amazing
Lately, I been blazing cause I'm sicker than the chicken pox
Hit you with a Sunny Liston shot when the whistle stops
You write simple plots, mine are outlandish
I got a gifted cock, girls say its outstanding, yes-
I'm moving forwards while you stay stuck in sleet
I got a bunch of needs, S.May cut the beat
I'll run this game even if you cuff my feet
Fans love the heat so viewers be like "fuck a beat"
I'm just a beast who will punch a G till his stomach bleeds
Gut check, tough set when your something's weak
Since puberty, weed has been a cash crop
Mad hops on the black top you work the snack shop
The definition of sloppy, ask Webster
Pay attention you copies, I roll the best herb
My brain is lifted, your plagiarism not fresher
Than me throwing 1 down as a catcher
Worship the wordsmith you're worthless and nervous
Surfing the surface with a surplus of servants
Look- I require your undivided attention
Around me don't mention, affection or prevention
Rapin' beats raw dog, like the cats in straw dogs
Hard bars, spit flame like Charzard
I smoke Ivysoar till my eyes are sore, buy some more
Fuck the rental house, I'm coming through to buy the whole block
No need your temper down, you know we 'bout to party non-stop
You try to rap but you chop, callin' fouls but you flop
If this is Famersville you're the pussy beggin' for crops
You a bottom feeder, Spongebob is your next door neighbor
Easy haters, save it for later, I'm your father Darth Vader
That's a joke invader Zim, I already run the world
No need to say it again, no need to say it again
You see I spit rhymes and dish dimes like my name's Steve Nash
You see I clip mine from the beanstalk, I don't spend no cash
I just watch that ass, as your bitch is cooking breakfast
I'm sexting her best friend, telling' me "wear no protection"
She molested my mind, went on the Maury show to prove it ain't mine
Smokin' blunts all the time, or maybe spliff bowls or papers
Bow to your creator, no time for the bullshit
I'm out I'll see you later, I'm the man like Slater
Getting' pussy and your mascot is the masterbaters
You mad cause I stained her, you a little bitch so you stayed there
I'm the dog trainer, better yet call me the Whisperer
She's suckin' on my dick, and I ain't kiss her
I'm a baller, stackin' money like Griffin off the Clippers
Your a weird mother fucker lookin' for dragons and wizards
Fag well we figured, no need to stop at the bank
I get my money delivered in the same truck as my dank

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