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No Pressure (feat. Doggie of D.U.B.B.)

Girl you got exactly what I need
If you say I'm your everything
And we'd put it out together, love would last forever
Girl it's not impossible, we just gotta let it flow

I'm not looking for perfection, no
But I don't want no second guessing
If we're gonna spend the rest of our life (together)
Ain't no pressure girl let's make it right, right
Girl we gotta, just keep on trying
Cause pressure came by surprise
I'll make you ?
I guess a little water ain't gonna burn us
I know all about rain and thunder
So if it's coming down, we gonna find it, let's go
And get it, let's go, let's go, and get it, let's go
And get it, let's get it
Let's go, and get it

I stay crispy like a tater chip
Bout to go spend another made the chips
I'm a boss on block got a duck on spot
You ain't even gotta be where the haters is
Or we can hit the mall we can cop the birds
Cause I don't like … he's a mocking bird
We can ride till we die, live it up to the sky
And rain starts pouring we're gonna always stay dry

If god is my witness girl, I'ma handle my bizness girl
And if we say that we're both our world
Then let's go get it now
And if we put it together, then it can last forever
Girl I ain't your pressure, then let's go


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