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Nobody With A Notepad

[Verse 1]
I've spent many moons with my head on a pillowcase -
Retinas to the ceiling
John-Lennon-jealous of the dreamers that achieved it
I'm better off John-Lennon, Bed-In, Sleep-In...
I John-Lennon-Don't-Believe-In-Jesus
But I'm running out of people I can speak with;
I was never one to get on kneecaps, elbows on my mattress
Both palms pressed below the whiskers on my glass chin
I don't give a shit if Kanye said it
Or Rhymefest wrote it
Or whoever gets the credit -
Nobody walked for me except my dad and my mama's legs
And both of them are missing from my holidays
Pardon my Francais
Fuck your pumpkin pie!
All I need is a notepad, opened wide
And a sharpened pencil for my thoughts
To jot you a letter from my heart
A Nobody With A Notepad...

[Hook x2]
I'm just a Nobody With a Notepad -
Forever standing in the shadows of my old man!

[Verse 2]
Red pen pressed against the pages
Leaving ink stain trails as I pen my pain
Instruments speak through my speakers
Influencing the pictures my right fingers paint!
Self-portraits exposing my flaws and traits
And face an uphill crawl for props and praise
'Cause I'd rather draw than trace, R. Crumb
I keep on truckin'
Feet keep running at Usain Bolt speeds
Pen bleeds to the rhythm
Chest pounding before I rip through the ribbon
Kill the kick to the snare
Fists hit the air
Now hit me with your rose like we living on a prayer!
Take my hand, we'll make it, I swear!
Solemnly so
I got me my notepad and a sharpened pencil
For my thoughts to jot you a letter from my heart -
A Nobody With A Notepad...

[Hook x2]

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