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Not Like Me

Original roughnecks, hear {laughing}

[Paparue(Hook 2x)]
Nobody burn them blocks like-a we
Nobody bust them heads like-a we
Nobody could outshine we
Tha whole CMR, CMR family

[Lil' Wayne]
Look, it's little rhymecholy
Legendary like Bob Marley
17 ward superstar, feel me
I tell ya shorty, million dollar nigga
Don't test, cause lil' shorty is a rider, nigga
Got my click behind me.. every step of tha way
Hit your wards, with tha pump, with your chest and your face
I'm a bloodhound... I ain't lyin', I'm thugged out!
I'm from uptown... and that ain't no Beverly Hills
You wan' know what that be like? Well, curiousity kills
Send chills up my trigga finger, blast tha dummy
'Specially if it's a drought, I got ta have tha money
Take tha hit, even if it's below tha average money
Got to make it through tha week, and feed my family uppy
I'm just a lil' thug, what
Belt-buckle fall down to my cuffs, what
And police don't even matter, they can suck what
Tha price right if I catch ya slippin', nigga, what what.. what


[Mannie Fresh]
Eeh, what, what
What, you think I'm scared?, cause of tha threats that you sendin' me?
Lil' boy, I got so much money, I know who killed Kennedy
I hear you tellin' people 'bout tha people you done
But look, everytime I bump into to ya, you all about fun
What made you bring a knife to a gun fight... now that's not right!
Why your bitch-ass even showed up tonight?
Nigga, we use ta kick it like Tai Bo
I don't know.. what made you go sideshow, turn jive whore
Kickin', trifling, dirty, and low
We use ta split chicken.. ride ta Texas and back
I drive tha rental car while you drive tha Cadillac
Shakin' like a pair of hot dice
Doin' 55, duckin' feds, law enforcements, and police
Niggas turn like fake gold.. sell they soul
Treat'cha like Chicago in tha winter: ice cold!
9-karat 44's, and Calicos
Keep a clean nose
And tight Teflon bullet-proof clothes


Nigga outta line, get smoked
I don't kidd, or joke
Fuckin' with my B.G., off top I'm goin' broke
I don't play with these niggas
I get.. low down and dirty
And have niggas' brains coverin' tha ground
I'm tha number-one stunter, you don't want my trouble
I'll have four niggas in your hood in my hummer
I'm from back in tha game, but ain't a damn thing change

Ya get a whole thing for ten, nigga, tha price tha same

My money long, within the runway at a airport
I just bought a Hotel Cash Money Resort
Hoes love my grill, hoes love my crib

These hoes just love tha way that.. Baby live

But I'm a thug-ass nigga, arms full of some tats
Got a Cash Money Millionaires 'cross my back
You don't want funk with me.. I don't think you do, nigga

We'll put ten-a-piece on your whole crew

What! Bitch....

(Hook 4x)
{fading out begins in 4th}

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