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Nothin' Freestyle

Uh oh, I got us

Weezy baby, sleepy Mercedez
Six that maybe, get that navy
Get the baby, big fat ladies
Gimmie a break like kit kat ladies
Game I kick that daily, the reason why ya bytch act crazy
Ay, I'm the nigga that ya bytch act crazy
You betta fix that lady, you hit that lately, I get that baby
The boy is a mack, she like dick all in her back, and she call me 4 that
Cause i spoil her wit that
And right up in her mouth is where my spalding is at
I'm a mu'fuckin' P.I.M.P, 3 dimes with me
I never let a biatch get me
And never have my pockets empty
Never forget Pac and Biggie
I'm a gangsta baby, 1-2-3 eighty
SQ'in baby, Sqalla back at cha squadron
Gotta gat for them boyz and
Holla back at cha boy bitch
Holla back at cha boy biitttch!
I pass up the block in the toy quick
I got the toy dipped
The toy sit...on them big boy lips
Hittin' like Roy Jones Jr
Fuckin' with the Birdman Jr
I know you heard what i do to you
Leave ya body on the curve wit like two thru you
Anybody got the nerves then its your broad
I'm so high off the herbs, so its your call
I'm a stand by my wordz, I'm a young dog
Lead come out, head come off
The red come out, then ya bedz hauled off
Fee I got us!
I spit the shit that kill the people
Still a peep squeak, but my game cock diseal
Flow is overgrown, you not legal
I be the East land legzal
Shut ya trap, SQAD UP daddy that'z a wrap
When we come we be extra strapped
When it make ya brain touch the crack
Check my gesture, I'm just the mack
And i know how adjust to stretch the crack
Turn 1 and 2 in the quarter just like that!
And i tbust my gat just like that
Fee i'm a leave it just like that
Okay, okay
I say ay, i say
Ya gotta feel ya boy
It's our year

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