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Nowhere to Run

Night ain't a friendIt's black and so stillIt waits like a catThen moves in for the killIt casts it's shadows high on the wallIt's givin' me no peace at allNow you're goneThe pain goes onYou're so deep into meNow I'm begging you toSet me freeChorus:I've got nowhere to runNowhere to hideNo way to stopThis hurt deep insideThat you gave to meNowhere to runNowhere to run[Nowhere to Run lyrics on]Nowhere to runThe sound of your voiceIt comes in the nightIt stays with me thereUntil the lightWhen you say the wordsThat you said beforeWhen you said you'd stayYou walked out the doorI can take the afternoonBut then comes the nightInstead I walk the floorTill the lightChorus (twice)

Date Added: 2007-06-20
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