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On God (Remix)

[Hook: Post Malone]
I might just steal your bitch, that’s on god
I might pull up in that 6, that’s on god
All my homies off the shits, that’s on god
All these bitches off the shits, that’s on god
Ay, ay, that’s on god (that’s on god)
Ay, that’s on god
That’s on god, that’s on god (that’s on god)

[Verse 1: Post Malone]
Imma Score 40 something points
It doesn't matter if I'm coming off the bench
On God, On god
[?] when I'm a ballin' for the motherfucking Knicks
Oh God, Oh God
We in this bitch and you know my homies flexing like a motherfucking bitch
Oh God, Oh God
I'm trying to get rich and fuck shit ain't really making anybody sit
On Squad, On squad
I told him please I ain't got no time for no stuck up bitch
Sippin' on a 40 when I roll my swish
New Jordans like I'm J.R Smith
Cross Jordan hit a jumper on my A.I shit
I ain't fucking with a bitch she can pay my rent
Ray Allen like I'm Jesus that's all net
And my dad Denzel like I'm heaven sent


[Verse 2: Drake]
Yo yo yo
I gotta pull up on ya
You gone make me have to pull up on ya
Don't go ghost on me I'm a go thriller on ya
I'm a just
I'm a let my hands do the talkin when I see you
Baby girl I miss feelin on ya
I miss everything that's real about ya
And that's everything about ya
That's just how I feel about ya
Been about cha and I'm still about cha
We ain't finished talkin
I told ya you don't needa worry about dem bitches
All dem fives needa listen when


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