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Lemon Tree

[Verse 1]
Couldn't fall asleep all night
I tried with all my might
I thought I knew what you want
It isn't all that nice
But I guess it will suffice
It's hard to know what you want

Could you be?
A little less sour, we're rottin' by the hour
And my heart's rotten too
In every film I watch, I'm on the side of the bad guy
So turn around and show me that I'm better
Some people got an apple, some people got a tangerine
Look around and all I see is people happy with what they're given
Life is pretty sweet, I'm told
I guess I'm just shit outta luck, growing a lemon tree
I'm gonna burn it down, and grow me somethin' bettеr
Hey-ah, hey-ah

[Verse 2]
Blood on my hands, I'm on the fеnce, I double down
A swing and a miss, a kick in the ribs, in trouble now

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Date Added: 2022-06-20
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