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[Verse 1]
You're worse than cigarettes, you light a fire
Got me coughin' out my heart
Yeah, you the type to try to throw my ass in jail
Just because I was alive

Honey, you ain't no angel, you know lovin' is fatal
You get off on betrayal, I guess we are the same though
We could've taken this shit all the way to Mars
If we just played our parts, but
Love is f*ckin' hateful, hateful
Why is it you want me dead?
Callin' me unfaithful, 'faithful
But you know who you dealin' with
How am I supposed to lay low, lay low
When things are so beyond repair?
Love is f*ckin' hateful, hateful, to say

[Verse 2]
You should know that she was just another face
I was tryna get a taste
Put yourself inside my shoes
Don't you say, "I need you to give me space"

Honey, you ain't no angel, you know lovin' is fatal

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Date Added: 2022-06-20
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