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Waiting For Never

[Verse 1]
Should've seen the signs, so I guess I deserved it
Made a habit overlookin' cracks in the surface
Goin' along with the bullshit you sold me
What was I to do when the bottle stopped working?
Try to make a home out a house while it's burning down
Burn it to the ground

Oh, if all these walls could talk
They would tell me, "Sit down, man, shut the f*ck up"
You put me through hell but I can't get enough
It took a little while, baby, then I woke up
Woah, when all these tattoos fade
I will never look back, you'll be in thе same place
I keep tellin' mysеlf if I wanted you to change
I'd be waiting for never, waiting for never
[Verse 2]
Yeah, you could've done a better job at hiding your intentions
I know what you did, stop being so defensive
Save it, when did you become so jaded?
I seen so many come and go, then come back to me
I'll never ever let another take half of me
I can't win, and still I chase it


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Date Added: 2022-06-19
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