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On It

Dolla what's happenin bruh?
It's the GANG Natural born leaders! ok

[Hook: Scrapp]
Couple rats in the front room
Roaches in the back
Dealers on the corner just posted in ya trap
Grind all day ain't no time for a nap
Just lost a 100 large
And I'm tryna get it back
So I'm up early in the morning
On it like I want it
I Ain't livin for the moment
I'm on it like I want it
Imma up early in the morning
On it like I want it
I Ain't livin for the moment
I'm on it like I want it

[Verse 1: Scrapp]
They say Money is the root of all evil
Fuck it I'm a demon cus I stack dead people at equal
Bout a 100 Grand with that purple package land
And before the week end I be back at it again
I Be very fuckin high, when I get it empty box
I Ain't never lost a guap, shit a nigga woulda stop
It cost to be the boss so fuck it Imma pay on it
Grind Imma stay on it and spend every damn day on it
Hustle when it's sunny and we do it when it's cold out
Don't leave the block homie til it's really sold out
It's got to be all gone in the block where I call home
When we get done the whole team get they ball on
Streets and Shabadazz, Sas with his bad ass
Dolla and C NO, can't forget Jay O
I Been about that money homie since I was a day old
Don't concern Deleon it's not about the pasos

[Verse 2: Dolla]
Hey I'm up early in the morning
On it like I want it
Why not?
Look it's mornin like tony spelled backwards
These rappers is all actors, just ask about me how activly I put
Cheese on nigga head like a...
It's been mind over matter since I was shittin in pampers
In the city of Atlanta guerrillas talk to bananas
You really think we bhamas we no ladys here gramma
Fool I'm out here school you you get played like a piano
Young black and loc'n live life like a soprano
Ride around with my hammer with that chrome of the chrome
Try to Manipluate a bitch, pick her fuckin brain apart
I'm a shark I suggest you niggas swim where it's shallow at
Bitch you be a casualty and you ain't tryna swallow that
Me and my faculty be askin where the Dollas at?
Load the .45 I make sure nigga hollow that
Drunk as fuck in VIP , nigga where the bottles at?

[Verse 3: Scrapp]
When its comes to gettin payed
I don't play around homie
Til the money come up, Imma stay down (fucka)
I made 4 flat 2 gats (sucka) yeah I tote that
All black no tats, homie that is so scrapp
100 stacks lost in 1 minute shawty so fat
Get the choppa, love cheese bundles fuck with no rats (bitches)
It's tryin to get green like bumbe
Me and my brother ridin dirty like Bun B
Riiiight! we in the states where the pimps be
Moment silence for my uncle Pimp C
NBL is the name of the team
Ridin down Martin Luther and I'm livin my dream
Shabazz is in the buildin but we need him in the A
We be hittin him in the chest when we ain't get it in a day
YES! and when we layin it's a celebration
We gone party like it's Obama's inauguration

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