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One More Night

[Intro: 50 Cent]
Fuck the police!
Fuck the police!

We should set this bitch on fire for one more night
We should burn this bitch to the ground for one more night
Cuz y'all ain't riding with me, I'ma ride by myself
Cuz I was right there when he took his last breath
And I'm just saying
We should let off one more round for one more night

[Verse 1]
Can't let you kill me I seen Carlos catch a straight one
I can show you that aftermath on but they [?]
I'm standing in the same spot slanging right where they slung
Filling up the same veins, I'm the smoke in their lungs
You would never understand cuz you don't know where they from
Round here the people see the police and they run
My homie did not really die now look here they come
The officer did not already lie so they run
Nobody cares until its holes everywhere
I mean come on cuz you not supposed to be here
You know better, coke by my nose is clear
Getting money, have no idea what I sold this year
Get this bitch on fire for one more night
Ay lets burn this bitch down, niggas lets go


[Verse 2]
Can't let you kill me I've seen Keisha catch a body
You thinking about pussy, and she thinking I'm robbing
See Larry loses legs, ain't too much shit that gon' bother me
Freddy pop ya in the head, that made it its the god in me
So much shooting in the sky, you niggas gon kill jesus
Set this bitch on fire and now these mothafuckas believers
Dog food and gasoline that Baltimore love
I gave my uncle my last, he just bought some more drugs
I gave ya niggas a pass, I ain't got no more love
Hardcore, I ain't got no more hugs


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