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One Thangs Fo Sho' (Reprise)

Yeah It’s Kurupt Young Gotti
I got my nigga DB in the House
What’s up Danny Boy
One thangs fo sho
And what we bout to do right now is get real musical on you niggas
You know what am talkin bout yeah
One thangs fo sho
So I want everybody just relax, kick back, kick ya feet up all the ladies
And we goin listen to some cool shit
The homie got a lot to say
What’s up danny boy

[Verse 1:]
Said it started out cool, we was just friends
You was my beauty queen, I was your gentleman
Together through ups and downs, you know we been through it all
Throught it all and back again
But then you stayed by my side girl that makes me feel alright to know
One thangs fo sho
I think our friendship has changed
Could be you switched up to acting strange
You was closer than my next heartbeat if only my broke heart could speak
Instead you try to blame me girl

Be my lady (x3)
One, one, one thangs fo sho

Be my lady (x2)
My baby
One, one, one thangs fo sho

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