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Original Silence

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I'm so twisted
Lil Tunechi in this bitch, tell them ho's I'm ready
Them nigga's pissed off, call em' R. Kelly
I'm higher than a bitch, I smoke that Keisha, Frank, and Neffie
Man all of these broads on my Johnson like Betsey
Got a card in my wallet, blacker than that nigga Wesley
Life is a bitch, well my bitch is sexy
First I'm on the jet, and then I'm on the jet ski
I make these female dogs heel, like Giuseppe's
Man you be poppin' shit, and I be poppin' off
I'm full of alcohol, like a cotton ball
I just pick em' up and Mr. G just drop em' off
I serve these ho's, Mr. Volleyball
Spikes on my shoes, that's the Lou B's
I'm on my P's and Q's, smokin' QP's
Nigga I'm chillin, catch a cool breeze
I build a tree house, if money grow on trees
Fuck with me wrong, I send your head to your momma
Death bed nigga, where the fuck is your pyjamas
Blood all day, period, no commas
Everybody tyin' to watch, but I'm timeless

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
Dark ass shades, I can't see them haters
Now eat these fuckin' bullets, don't forget to tip the waiter
I don't drink champagne, it make my stomach hurt
Bitch I'm on that Patron, fuck with me wrong and get murked
Got a silencer on the gun, that bitch go 'pew'
That bitch go, 'pew'
That bitch go, 'pew'
Got a silencer on the gun, that bitch go 'pew'
Got a mean ass swagger, my bitches do too

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Bitch I'm from New Orleans, rest in peace Magnolia Shorty
And I come from Hollygrove, that bitch is wild as a safari
I go stupid, I go retarded, The grass is greener in my garden
Swagger meaner than the warden
Pow pow pow, I ain't with arguing
Leave a nigga' lieakin', if you scared go see the deacon
Got a silencer on the gun, but them bullets still speakin'
Got a bunch of bitches tweakin, to tell me all of their secrets
And if I get in that pussy, I'm on her walls like graffiti
You's a dead pita bread, you're a fed ass nigga
I'm on my vampire, bloody red flag nigga
Fuckin' with Lil Tunechi, get your head smashed nigga
Hit you dead on the money, call that dead cash nigga
And it's, party time, excellent, Wayne's World
Party time, excellent, Wayne's World
Tonight I'll prolly fuck another nigga girl
Party time, excellent, Wayne's World


[Verse 3: Mack Maine]
Mack in this bitch, tell them ho's I'm bout it
These nigga's sweet, bunch of fuckin' brownies
Fuck you talkin' bout, bitch I'm a G like a thousand
I'm on my one, two, and bitch I'm still countin'
You nigga's got problems, well I got bigger problems
My guns all black, make me bring the nigga out em'
You don't want that homie, Trust I got that blicka on me
Finger fuck nina she horny, you won't see tomorrow morning, nigga
We so fuckin' cold, young money, money old
Life is full of choices, and your bitch chose, nigga
I'm so HollyGrove, fuck them other nigga's
And if the gun's drawn, I'll paint a fuckin' picture
Nigga you know what I'm on, a bag of that strong
Nigga you know where I'm going, bitch I'm going going, gone
Nigga holler at your boy, I don't give a fuck
Got a silence on the gun, make me shut you nigga's up


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