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Outro (Behind Enemy Lines)

[Verse 1]
They say you are what you eat, out of my heart brought forth the thought [x2]
They’re pretty deep in
Walk on this street
Spark a think leaf
Smoke like a chimney, cough and then chief
Got it hard, play cards with the devil
Could have got caught but the lord never let him
Beat em’ at they own game, fall with the metal
Bloodshed and tears, talks in the letters
Another dead body, no talking to Kevin
I am what you call a survivor in the clutch
Grew up in the game, misguided by the trust
Respects something you earn, got it with my nuts
Gotta get it wit guns, only logical to bust
But monotony of being philosophical is just
It is what it is, take it and you live
Any disagreement you will take it to the rib
No escape in the game, too caught in it
Tuck dope in my dreads and the New York Fifties
Where the money move faster than New York City
Fuckin women in Manhattan, suckin’ New York titties
Got the clippers on my waist, the hookup on the wait
The fakes and fag-gots scared to look him in the face
Looking out for Gates, you get took without a trace
Fire under the body, then we push him in a lake
It was love, so I just wanted to be around it
Keep from being found, had to keep him underground
Name a rapper in the same state as me, that can eat off the plate with me
I gotta flow see
I’m in the nosebleed, right where the hoes be
Dick em’ down, kick em out soon as the throat squeak
Many approach me, actin’ like they know me
Lick it from the bottom mammy put it in your throat please

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