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Mr. D. Carterfrom out tha deep waterthank the lord for my voice, the beat, and the recordernow pick an alphabetand your a z andwhile i'm up tryin to be tha best mc andnow let me inI got my key inand with them alphabets,I never used p-e-nbut i gotta lotta paperbut a lot aint enoughso I got an occupatioingotta bring the baconstraight to the kitchen tablehomie if ya girl pregnantyou should kiss her navalcuz you probably wont live to see the mothaf**kin cradleya past left a scarand the future's lookin fatalya can't be sorryya gotta be a saviorgotta be the bread winnerso go rob the bread makerwhen they put ya homey to sleepits gotta be a wake upya move in tha hoodthen ya gotta meet the neighborsI hollaBitch get off mebitch get off meI'm the little ass niggaknown as big homeithe killas is ballinthe niggas is targetsthe snitches is talkinbut this is New OrleansI love what i gotI'm just livin the momentI aint dyin just yet[Outstanding lyrics on]I take a shit in the coffinI already know how to piss in tha toiletI'm tryin to get tha potto piss in in the mornin'I never fall backI'd rather go forwardand when I come throughya betta duck like howardbecause i got powerjust like a forwardI come through the laneand straight dunk like Staudi-Mire, Amare reminds me of I-uhhe's a Pheonix sun and I am firedis-re-spect and I spit firetil ya neck end up likeHeynow would ya light that bluntpromethazine pleasenow bitch look at melike a set of t.v.'sI'm just tryin to live out my destiny, please, let me do meI got the recipe, feedI'm all about my breadlike a seseme seedbig dog talkin, check my pedigree flees (HaHa)and I ball like every teamand i got every girl havin sex with me dreamMy heart is in the dirtybut the rest of me cleanI jump for Hollygrovelike a trampoline fiendand I rock ya bellslike a tambourine beanjewelry shinin' like flushMaybaline blingred Giants jersey if ya know wut i meanGimme Plaxico Burress, number seventeenone circle, three fingers is tha themeand young money motha f**ka is tha team

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