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Outta Here (Skit)

Listen! I'm out y'all. And until the next time this is the Dediation 2, this was the Dedication 2, this is The Affiliates, this is DJ Drama, this is young Weezy F. Baby, this is Young Money Cash Money. Shout out to the mother fucking Stunna. Shout out to mu fucking Sugar Jane, Shout out to mu fucking Big Rufus Mack Tones, know what I mean, shout out to Squaloo, you know what I mean, shout out to Joe Case, know what I mean, I see all y'all. Hot beeezo! Sick wit' it, I see everybody man, them Magnolia money boys, (?) man, I see y'all boys. Know what I mean, my nigga Spitta, my nigga Mack, I see everybody. Tez Po, Young Money the whole family man. Nicki baby, my nigga Fukus. Fukus in here with me right now bitch you could play with me, you gon' get smacked my nigga, you got me? You understand me. Shout out to all the bitches that fuck with me, shout out to all the niggas that don't fuck with me, man. It's Weezy F. Baby, please say the baby, fuck a nigga fuck a bitch fuck the one's who hate me

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