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Pac Div

These niggas don't get it man
Aight, they gon' get it

[Verse 1: Like]

I ain't never been no lying ass nigga
I keep my shit quiet I ain't trying to brag with you
See back in high school we had the flyest class pictures
See back in high school you was some biting ass niggas
I was cool with the thugs, I was cool with the bitches
You ran from the thugs you was cool with some bitches
I guess it all means me and you have a difference
I'm a shark in the water you just food to the fishes
Cruel and I'm vicious, you look suspicious
The type of nigga winking at you dudes blowing kisses
Go against the squad you ain't using your senses
I murder you on tape and let the news be the witness
Don't wanna hear about your tools in the kitchen
Or how you flip wait you go to school study business
What is this? I don't get this
And neither does the general consensus
We sticking up your business, my niggas finna to witness
The only thing you get is more minutes on the benches
Pac Div in case you niggas just missed us
Holla back if you fucks with us, its just
Pac Divy and that's if we
Allow you to address, you bowing to the best
Lay challengers to rest, hope your calenders are set
We making all this noise before the albums even pressed
And niggas wait til now to be impressed
In 06' we were sounding this fresh
So leave the crown where its kept
Bitch niggas get a gown and barrets
Rich niggas get a pound and respect
Snitch niggas get the sound of a tech
West coast in the house nigga, yup!
Best believe we out finna to rep

Pac Div!
What it is one time Pac Div!

[Verse 2: Mibbs]
No, no, no, no need for the intro
Me and my kin folk, lead a stampede of MC's here on this coast
So lets Sheppard the herd, professor with words
Stay fresh off some herb, no extra preserves
And if you mufuckas' can't catch up then merge
King, none less is deserved
Games wide open cause my games like potion
Keep your girl posing in a K-9 motion
I feel like the spokesmen for raw niggas
Y'all niggas still shooting nothin, but bricks give up on the ball nigga
Its strict diet of fast food and hard liquor
What you though fool cash rules my niggas
Why should I care what these lame niggas wear
When I tear their weak raps like cheap underwear
With the eye of a tiger and the teeth of a bear
I guess its time for some fire bring the heat up in here


[Verse 3: BeYoung]

I got an 8th of that OG nigga now I'm set
Shuffle the cards, take jokers out the deck
Come bogus out the neck, Niggas going at ya chest
You think you in the zone til we go into that press
Ain't no runnin to the refs, nothing can save you
Your mom shoulda told you not to borrow from neighbors
09' a new year so we targeting paper
Drop Grown Kids set it off with the majors
The floatation, drown nigga don't save him
The real niggas know the real, don't nobody praise him
If I did bust a shot it can only graze him
And they gon' scream foul, niggas probably call flagrant
Probably call Palin, probably call McCain
Its BeYoung, Shaun shorty, nigga all the same
Special delivery ya coffin came
But never mind shit I'm off it mane

What it is one time, Pac Div. X7
What it is one time

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