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Your Fucking Song

Best stay out my fucking life, ain’t nobody put me on
Bitches gotta say I’m right, even if they know I’m wrong
Hurry up we gonna be late, girl you take too fucking long
You ain’t gotta perpetrate you know this your fucking song!

[Verse 1: Like]
Peep, I grab the Fiji water, then proceed to slaughter
All you teeny bopper, prima donnas, sweet vaginas, I promise
I swear you act just like virgins, you gonna need Madonna
The way I’m teaching this sermon, you gonna think Obama
It’s not a god idea to jump in here and feed piranhas
You’ll be another statistic, my nigga, freakanomics
We ain’t no back pack rap group, just geeked on rhyming
I don’t read the dictionary, I just redefine it
Tell your bitch that she could grind it, work it and I’ll be behind it
Goin' deep into your hymen, 'bout to win another Heisman
She says she love to ride it, well hop on it I'm the fucking pilot


[Verse 2: Mibbs]
Yeah, this is her favorite song, Just like this her favorite thong
Back then she said no to drugs, now she's like let's hit the bong
I’ll be like you smoke too much, she’ll be like you joke too much
Turn your ass around and get your fingers in your toes to touch
Yeah, girl, you know what’s up
Keep her in the cobra clutch
Get so deep I'm on them guts
Beat it fast, slow it up
Nikon, Polaroid
I should take a photo boy
Cause I be on that ass like that man who ride the polo horse
Polo shirt, polo shorts, polo canvas, oh of course
Get it on them polo sheets, that’s why we call polo sports
Yeah, that’s my Atlantic girl, she look like a Fanta girl
Southern hospitality
I’m working on my manners, girl!


[Verse 3: BeYoung]
Big plans, y'all in quick sand, nigga how you’re rolling?
Every second's history, all about the moment!
Sit when you’re pissed, we save all that fo' a woman
Blackin' out on niggas, well I call that there the omen
Own it, Gone to Tacoma by the morning
Mouth piece like I'm on the corner fo' the hoein'
Out in south beach like I’m going to the hole and
Live nigga shit, y'all just goin' through the motions
Woken, easy like a young Billy Ocean
Focus on my visions seen the options really open
Niggas out of jail, no L's will be floating
Got an L.A. bitch but her ass really open
Posted, toasted, no going through emotions
Pulled her at the Coliseum, had to use a trojan
Pull up then I gotta serve them all like the dopeman
You know how we’re rolling, we know what we’re holding!

[Hook] x2

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