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Cooler than anti freeze, damn it these rappers be
The baddest thing happening, since King had a dream
Cooler than anti freeze, damn it these rappers be
The baddest thing happening, since King had a dream
Cooler than, cooler than, cooler than, cooler than
Cooler than, cooler than, cooler than

[Verse 1: Mibbs]
Pac Div, Knuckleheadz, nothing for you bucket heads
Got my cheese, got my lettuce, now I need my fuckin bread
Word to baby Darrel boy I'm hot, Habenero
Keep my mind on my money and my eye on the sparrow
Mama I'm the coldest, just from my apparel
Feeling like I'm Moses flyer than a pharaoh
Tired of all you posers, tired of all you weirdos
Tired of all you hoes leaving make up on my pillows
Shout out my latinos, let's count this dinero
All my niggas eat now, I'm not talking Karo's
Look at all these O's, no, look at all these zeros
I do hella shows, I got cheese like Sbarro
Hello world, hello girls, hello fans, hello haters
We the highly celebrated, number one, one
No they can't stop us, they can't fade us
They can't drop us, they can't break us
We gon' rape this motherfucker till we're done


[Verse 2: Be-Young]
We Let y'all buy them drinks, then we take them home
Sean Paul and hoop shorts is all it takes to bone
Sat back peeped game then we break the code
This' the type of fire motherfuckers can't control
Play the role, shake the mold
Now it's all grizzly, peep a nigga's footwear, now I'm all Italy
Ricky D flashy nigga, on point Ashley nigga
Coming up I was influenced by some khaki niggas
Homie got them action figures, homie you can't match the vigor
You ain't really that tough, homie that's the liquor
Popov got you talking fast like you rap with Twista
Give a fuck about I go bag their sister
Another blunt rap to twist up, another story told
A new Motown Pac Div play that Barry Gordy role
Coming through your audio, switch up like a audible
Run it like it's cardio, take it to the body yo


[Verse 3: Like]
Listen, I ain't about drama so I flip my peace sign up
This is south beat but I grew up on East Sidaz
Ay Pac Div poppin' like we got the grease fried up
Looking for a ATL freak to loan me 5 bucks, eyes up, eyes up
That is not my wallet miss, yeah, I'm big headed but don't make it so obvious
I'm traveling the globe now, working on my politics
Running for head of the state on my Barack shit
Cut your fucking head on the plate on some Baraka shit
Every verse I murder I don't care what the topic is
Got a few mistress down in Texas that I polly with
All of them is winners and I coach them like Popovich
Pop the Cris no wait up, pop that Smart Water
Staying sober just in case I gotta dive in shark water
Lady killer, heart robber, stick em quietly then I release
Then I am peace, deuces like a siamese, gone

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