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[Verse 1: BeYoung]
The school teachers talk, I been had answers
Knew the whole story without reading all the chapters
Going back and forth about my life plans after
Most my niggas would rather slang that work for NASA
Days in the classes, always fall asleep bugging
Most the tests and the quizzes didn't mean nothing
Only niggas moving on were ones seen hustling
Those that didn't never got to see nothing
But you zoom back to me functioning
Tried to ball wasn't tall enough to be dunking
Young black male trying to make his dreams public
I know it had to mean something - I'm out

[Hook: Mibbs x2]
I'm gonna get out of this house
I'm gonna make my family proud
I'm a show this world what I'm all about
I'm out

[Verse 2: Like]
Damn, I been dreaming of this day
A moment we can finally get away
Ain't right times before when I was trying get a date
Hungry at the crib, broke, trying get a plate
That was for the fun, though
Gung-ho - used to the struggle
Used to the labels saying "Look, we don't want you"
Used to the ladies saying "Look, we don't want you"
Now we on ya cable saying "Look what we come to"
I sorta like haters now
We need 'em in the world they make the place go round
Funny how everything is so tasteful now
Hip Hop ain't never died it just changed it's style
How do I look?
Get my good side when you click it
I got your girl smiling at me now when I kick it
Still down to earth holla at me you can kick it
Smoke on it we get caught you can pay the ticket
I'm fucking with you

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Mibbs]
Well, everything's packed up
Nothing left in the closet but the black tux
And I'ma keep it right there it was bad luck
Cause I ain't even went to prom, man, that sucks
So I'm a say goodbye to the room you saw me grow up in
No more G.I. Joe and no Teddy Ruxpin
This the same room where I first fell in love in
Brittany came over and I got my first nut in
And I'm a miss it
Washing all the dishes, feeding all the fishes
Even on Christmas, all the fun visits
That old trash bag full of empty Sunkistes
So before I walked out that door
My momma prayed for me and my pop said "Boy
You know the world is yours
Theres nothing that can stop what God has in store"
I'm out


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