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Panama City

[Verse 1]
We hit that liquor store
By the county line
Whipped out a fake ID
I got from a friend of mine
We made our getaway
Due south to the gulf shore sand
You were looking like a woman child
I was feeling like a full grown man

We had a bottle of silver
And a bottle of sapphire
An Indian blanket
And a beachfront bonfire
We watched the moon
Ship wreck on the water
I don't remember, A night much hotter

[Verse 2]
You, were lying on the hood of my car
And I, was strumming on that old guitar
And we, were looking for the northern stars
And midnight played like a drive in scene
You were doing Liz Taylor
I was doing James Dean
And I loved you as much as I could at 18
With sand in your hair and sand in my jeans
It was so right, all night
And the sunset looked like an airbrushed t-shirt
Sewed on the street in Panama City
I grabbed the camera and snapped off the picture
You said 'love, ain't it a pitty
Someday this moment will fade away
Replaced by a photograph'
Like the way we remember the words to a joke
And forgot how hard it made us laugh


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