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[Verse 1: Burden]
Welcome to paranoia it’s so nice to know you bang bang, bang bang
Sorry to kill you but I do not know you and I had a feeling you went through the same
This world is cold, everybody I know be trying to take my place up in this game
You won awards and not bringing no battles the body would die by the loan, the brain
I am insane, sold him the dope that he put in his vein
When he come down I’ll be right back again
I do not lose a second of my sleep, do what I live seven days of the week
Interesting isn’t it, they was just giggling, I was the under-dog rapper just winging it
Now I’m the one that they wish they could get it with
Gave him a shot and he just couldn’t get with it, fuck
I’m gripping and pounding and slapping that ass
First time I fuck her I pass every love her these bitches ain’t got any class
Take what you want from a ho, pussy, money, I spot and lay low them and them police would knock at your momma for dope
Grab my money, my phone and my keys and I go, everything’s so
Living my life on the low, you just a low life I already know
Ain’t getting money you always at home
Homies they never got nothing to smoke
I’m a mother fucking dog, why would she want to date me
And I’m getting taught until the time that it’s over, all of my ex’s hate me

[Hook: Burden]
They think I’m paranoid, they think I’m paranoid
Maybe I’m paranoid, maybe I’m paranoid
They think I’m paranoid, they think I’m paranoid
Bitch I ain’t paranoid, bitch I ain’t paranoid
I feel like everybody against me, the whole world on my shoulder
Got me second guessing my team, my ex say she want closure
Tryna make some of these trees, gotta be a soldier
Bitch I ain’t paranoid, bitch I ain’t paranoid

[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
Too many people around me, often I feel as if it’s only me
Jumping up out of my sleep as if someone I know don’t know what its gon be
Money will make all the people you know be your enemy nigga
So I started drugging alone, it ain’t no more pretending with niggas
Man it’s me right here
Carbon on me when the vent skirts and won’t til we meet in Cortana
Drop the money let me count the money
You could grab the shit from off mailing
Went to jail could’ve let Nook bump him but I gave the shit to Lil Erin
True story, Breadwinner army, shout out to percentage but not rob at Orey
Weeping like Nory, Weekend with Lory, lean got me snoring, life done got boring
Your bitch unimportant, we cut up in Vegas apartment was vacant and built in new cases
Rap about dope but you niggas ain’t slanging, both my convictions and one old detainer
Look at they faces when I’m in the matrix
I’m stacking my paper it seem like you hatin’


[Verse 3: Burden]
Hey I don’t believe a fucking thing y’all telling me
Tryin to get down before I catch another felony
He said my money was on point and better be because if a day he gon send Phill to Phill instead of me
One dude got fuck fuck, got a whole crew fucked up and that’s fucked up
Let him do a little time in the pen and when he get home then I bet he still getting fucked up
Tough love on a day we show, he wasn’t pissed at me, (sucking even to me?)
Point 5 take a loss outside looking in but, shit
I were looking for the phonies on the team my boy
Feel the pain I only wanna scream my boy
Any fast lane for the dream my boy
3 days in the same jeans my boy
No lovers ever lost no lovers ever found round me
It could be about money let it be about me
Fuck me a chick like story show
If the bitch get pregnant hit the abortion button
Enemies and friends got em’ looking over my shoulder
Thought the killing was giving me a boner
Stoner, looking to the eyes of the loner
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