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On this long night I shall speak to the dead, the living and the unborn
On this night, when the torches of time will bond them all

Mystic land of fathers in communion with you
To the honored dead I shall speak first
I see your electrified shade and greet thee
I worship you but see you not
Exiled, enchained, the past life I have lost

And as a ghost I can now see and embrace you
Thy storm shall guard watery borders
When the world is gone
And when the fire gives birth to another from the ashes of the old

To the dead have I spoken. Now to the living shall I speak
For nine years my voice has not been heard
Violence accompanied me, violence accompanies me

Violence accompanies you, but loved me more
She chose me, yet married me not

Let's pay the honour, by raising it's banner high
And avenge the sacrifice of our dead
In the black nights glory will wed them with violence
With a wreath of asphodel

I have spoken to the dead and the living
In the end shall I speak to the unborn
Spirits of the future, we mourn thee with funeral chant
But you shall be incarnated with paeans

Dark, unborn - you shall be born in a dilapidated land
A thousand reasons to fear her
A thousand reasons to deny her
And only one to rise and join us
Into that blood river of time

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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