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Winter War Memorial

I can see the winds, I can breath the chilling cold!
I can touch the spectral colors of the night
The son of storms I am, the black night from yester worlds
The flame of war desire burns inside my soul

Spellbound by this blind passion
In battle lust my mind is drowned
Red is the path to the war field
My panzerfaust respectfully I hold

Under the pale horizon of the eastern front
Across the endless sea of clouds
Pride becomes a side of Pain
Honor fills with courage my soul
Draped I am by those melancholic hills
A hawk in eerie, I am waiting fearless
All senses gathered, instincts sharpened
Dwelling in total blasphemy in this winter war


Olofoteina ta synnefa toso psila!
Parthenikis broxis stagones me skepazoun
Kai ola edo, I timi, to Aima poukYlla zesto
Kai ego monos pia:na polemo akoma
Winterwar memorial

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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