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The Great God Pan

From the Arcadian forest
On this winter day
Ceremonies shall begun
In the name of Pan

Mortals try to wake their souls
Dancing round the blazing firestorm

Through the darkened forest
Beyond where mountains lie
The circle dance for Pan
The great Pan will come tonight

Xaipe w doeasmeve
Pov akovsec to kalesma mac
Ela va dwseis kai nail
Nonma stnv swn kai stnv niotn

Oh, great Pan
Bless us
In your name we stand
Give us thy power
The blasphemers will feel our anger
And the axe

We drink with you the wine of life
As it slowly ends
We leave our bodies on the ground
And our spirits fly
Please forgive all of our sins
We have made in our lives
Make our souls as pure as the starlight of the night

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