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I am Faethon, the one
My father is Helios
Sworn to the Styx
The river of the gods
And let me feel
The sky with my shine

The gates of the sunrise
With red color shine
And the dawn has opened the palaces
... And the dawn has paled

Everything is ready for the final call
The guardians of Olympus are opening the gates
I, Faethon, rule the sky
Lord of the sun for just a while

I fell over the scorpio
And I'm heading to Capricornus
Flames burst over the land
To deep valleys and darkened forest

Faethon you fool
You wounded our mother
Now await for the coming of Thanatos
Zeus throws his thunder once more
And Faethon drops lifeless to Iridanos

Poto Eava thntos otnu xwpa twv ellnvwv
O'ellnves their, note

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