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Pussy MVP

Fresh checkerboard Vans and a t-shirtAnd its goin down but she firstMy flow sweet make my teeth hurtI spit icecream bars thats dessertTo me theres no such thing as a G-1stYeah my feature price high like a mink purseI smoke a whole reef of that reeferDrugs are bad but i beg to differ, sirI just take a look at her faceSo she can see that my shades are Versace, and she purrCuz i'm a cool cat per saySo i give her my life and now i got 8, woah wordShe ask me to come over her place, i said sure[Pussy MVP lyrics on]She said she been horny all day, i got the cureI'm on her like turfNow bring that ass, bring that ass, bring that ass hurrr (here), ya dig?!I dont know what you've been toldBut i can tell u something bout meI smoke weedI drink and i rollNow is you f**kin with me?Now i cant tell u shit bout the next man but he aint got nothin on meCuz after a pill and a half and a shot of patroneI'm a pussy MVP, yeah

Date Added: 2007-03-31
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