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Rap City Freestyle

Check my swag,I travel like sound dawg
You play hard and I'm gravel like ground dawg
I'm underground,call me groundhog
Lay down lawns,I'm the ground law
Don't confuse me with the law,naw
But just confuse me with my pa because I am the Birdman J.R
I ain't trippin' boy,I play the corner like Ripken boy
With the 40 Cal Ripken boy,rip a boy
Flip your vehicle,split your windshield
Whack your baby momma but I'll let the kid live
[?] people say that I am a kid still
Cause the real guys still ride on big wheels
Okay,okay you're running with a Don
Come through nice ice bucket on my arm
Run through [?] and bubble gums [?]
Top kick back like I know a lil karate
Mommy like Wayne so she show a lean body
We blow a lil blunt...and
I got it in my pants man
Because I am hotter than a fire
Real shinning light the thing I got up in my tires
Hey so check my [?] V12 making scream and [?] make 'em Holla,holla
I'm a one seven scholar
I son ya all boys
Ya all Kevin Johnsons
You see me with my mob [?] posture
I don't play ball I play guard every dollar
I'm going hard and your girl behind me
And I came so fast that she had to rewind me

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