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Raw Shit


Yeah, this here some raw shit
KG, Rozay, Tunechi
Timbaland, that beat sick nigga

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

Nigga, it's Tunechi Lee
I B.E.T. your bitch tune in to me on BET
She know I got cribs, like MTV
Stuntin' like I'm Evil Knievel, got whips, MTB
YMCMB, kids got IANHB on their iPod
My C.I.R.C.L.E. full of bosses, no COB
Killin' all these niggas, gettin' the package, no COD
I'm like a fat bitch, who wanna fuck with me
Nigga I kill that pussy, OJ Simspon
Where I come from muthafuckas found upside down for Jordans and Pippens
I rock hoes like Jay, Weezy big pimpin'
Sleep is the cousin of death, so I can't sleep
Y'all bitching, I got an itchy trigger finger
I'm like Fifty, don't push me nigga
Got Buzz like Google, more buzz than Buzz Lightyear
You wanna? Nigga I'll get it on right here

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]

14 years old when a nigga got his starter kit
Now a nigga levae the dealership without a whip
Philly blunts, Olympic torches gettin' lit
Mind on my money, million dollar investments
Trappin' since the beginning, Feds finna raid my crib for assessment
Crib cost 8 figures, no love for bitch niggas
Jeremy Scott, kick game Tommy Hilfiger
Hell awaits, Lord said one shall not kill niggas

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]

Careful with evry move, but I don't care
New shipment, clost full of Trukfit and Nike Airs
All this syrup, my bitches make me pancakes
You know me, but you don't know what it takes
Callin' me a fuck nigga, look at the man in the mirror
Water vapor, you can't see me
I don't let em' be, these niggas wanna be me
I'mma Blood and they C's, like 2Pac you can't see me
It beats me why y'all wanna beat me
While y'all faggots beatin' off I beat it up, Ali bomaye
Finna finsih these niggas, fake G's
Pitbull ain't got that Heat, I'm reppin' New Orleans
Fuck these niggas, my team on that lean
Lean back, to these niggas we the Terror Squad
Shit, I'mma bastard like Ason
My niggas chain smokers, who wanna get they smoke one?

[Verse 4: KG]

YMCMB in control, and with MMG we unstoppable
Invincible, my nigga there ain't no convincin' me
Took control of my own fate, I ain't ever goin' broke
Smile on my face, but the game no joke
Fuckin' crackers, they don't know
Drug dealers and real killers
Rich niggas, bitch niggas
Carjackers, robbin' from our own mothers
Lookin' up to our big brothers, the ones who made it out
Drug rings, Feds tryna shut us down
Cock the Glock for any nigga tryna shoot me down
Killer instincts, my team hold it down
Always on my grind, you'll never hold me down
Front on me, and pay the price
KG the well known asshole, feling like my nigga Obie Trice
Shit, I can't go to jail tonight

[Verse 5: Lil Wayne]

From day one, I knew I'd make it one day
Always gettin' cake, everyday my birthday
Went from an underground king like UGK, to the throne
Niggas watchin me, like Jay and Kanye
No church in the wild, no faith in the hood
Engine roaring, V12 under the hood
Bitch niggas run when they see me in the hood, Usain Bolt
You a bunch of shook ones, each one of my words a jolt

[Verse 6: Rick Ross]

Kingpin, crimnal mastermind
God Forgives and I Don't, hopes lookin' out for MasterMind
Six figure bullet numbers, don't cross the line
You claim to be a true G, you only tough online

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