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Ready Or Not Soulja Comin'

I'm just looking for my thrown, where's my thrown

I just feel like I'm the hottest rapper ever
With my fucking Gucci Louis feathers
Soulja Tell'Em I am high
So high you can not turn me down from the fucking sky
I'm so high, yeah right now
And I'm so live like it's going damn down
And Soulja Tell'Em king of the goddamn town
And if you put me on the thrown I never back down
And SOD Money Gang is what I claim now
The tattoos all up my fucking neck now
And I show all this motherfucking neck style
It's Soulja Tell'Em I would never ever touch down
Cus I'm not a motherfucking football player
I'm up top, sitting in my fucking lair
And all y'all haters are over there
Soulja Tell'Em, put it in the fucking air
What's my name bitch?

I just feel like… I gotta prove why I say I'm the hottest rapper to ever touch the microphone

I don't mean no disrespect but I'm the hottest
Soulja Tell'Em bitch, twelve fucking shotty's
And I'm not talking bout the 12 gauge hitting stomach
But if you touch me I'm so hot you might just fucking vomit
Or you might just, fucking plummet to the fucking bottom
It's Soulja Tell'Em yeah I'm going full fucking throttle
And off the top of the head I go insane
Inside of my membrane
It's a million ways to get paid
Soulja Tell'Em, everyday I blaze the swisher
If you wanna get with me nigga take a picture
I'm not a baseball player but I'm the richest nigga
To ever touch a fucking mic bitch, under 18
Soulja Tell'Em he's the hottest nigga
I'm Soulja Tell'Em off the motherfucking top of full throttle nigga
You gotta me twisted like a fucking dread
I take five shots to the head, and I ain't even dead

I'm alive bitch, and I'm feeling better than ether -- feeling better than EVER -- no disrespect to any rappers but I'm the hottest rapper

And if you fucking disagree
Then come and battle me bitch, you is rest in peace
Your whole crew with their keys
Cus you tried to diss a G
You can't fuck with me, I'm holding twenty keys
But I'm not talking about a motherfucking piano bitch
It's Soulja Tell'Em I'm the hottest to ever fuckng spit
I gives a fuck bitch
Who the fuck you and your whole clique?
It's SOD bitch

And I mean that straight from the heart: I love music like I love my mom, I spit this shit from the heart, the realest nigga to ever walk the planet no disrespect to any other human but I am not human bitch… but I am the hottest rapper doe

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