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Thought I knew it all Now I know too well Hell is to wake up But it makes all the difference Tasting the tears in my mouth Taking the weight on my shoulders The hours and days of your life Don't necessarily make you older I'm sick of running away Along these bloody streets I'm sick of predators and prey Of being everybody's end! I've washed my hands of your blood Thought it would leave me clean But with time on my hands It turned to mud forming this crust of sin Now - to be truly free I'll let it come to me So -break me if you must When you break this crust Freedom is to see Hear this voice, see this man Standing before you I'm just a child Just a man learning to yield I hate these hands soaked in blood I hate what these eyes have seen Up to my knees in filth and mud How it hurts to become clean I was always on my mind But never on my side Run - but if you run away You'll always have to hide So if you need to run Run for help!
Pain Of Salvation Reconciliation

Date Added: 2007-12-09
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