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Red Bandana

Lil Wayne Verse

Fuck you talmbout
I can see these bitch niggas ain't got no futures like they palms out
& if these bitch ass niggas be on their bullshit pull their horns out
I gotta red bitch her name is Rose I pull her thorns out
We been doing this shit for way too long Young Money all day
This the winning team & I'm the coach bitch I just call plays
I live by the water in the big house with them tall gates
I'm the cash cow now watch me milk this shit like corn flakes
I don't give a shit about shit
If it ain't my shit that shit ain't shit shit !
Keep that click click pow pow on the side, like a mistress
T-shirt whiter than, Hannah Montana with my
Red Chuck Taylors Skinny Jeans & my motherfuckin' RED BANDANA !

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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