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Rep My Hood

Juelz Santana:]As I Sit Back Relaxed Wit Her Head In My Lap In The Back Of The Bentley Gettin Head From The Back(You Know) And She Don't Got No Head Full Of Naps So Im Pushin On Her Head From The Back Gimmie That(Gimmie That) Up And Down Down And Up Gimmie That Laffy Taffy Came On She Gave Me Head To The Snaps Like(Doom Doom, Doom Doom Doom) She Made Me Like The Song She Wrong, Yea She Like Action She Like Work She Suck Dick Like A Vaccum Suck Dirt, I Call Her My Quicker Picker Upper Cause She Quick To Pick The Nut Up Quicker Than A Nigga Tell Her Pick The Nut Up Ya Dig, Bitch Now Let Me Tell You About That Six Shot Luger That I Keep For You Busters If You Twitch Ill Shoot Ya, Ill Buck Ya, Ill Bang Ya, Ill Move Ya Like A Dead Car Battery Trust Me Ill Boost Ya No Car Cables, Ill Hang You Like A Hanger In The Closet, No Coat On The Hanger, Just Hangin In The Closet, Boy, I Can Just Leave You Where You Stand Or Just Shoot Ya In The End And Just Meet You Where You Land. [Lil Wayne:]I Came To Rep My Hood I Gotta Ride Clean I Gotta Smoke Good Pullin On Big Fat Cigars Like Suge I Aint Gotta Explain What's Already Understood [Rep My Hood lyrics on]Baby Im A G Im Trying To Get Full That Hot Ass 380 Keep Ya Warm Like Wool Niggas Talkin Shit I Wish Nigga Would Boy Smellin Like Shit From A Bull Boy I Gotta Lot But I Can Never Get Enough Man Them 26 Inches Got The Low Low Sittin Up Mamma I Can Fix Ya So U Need To Hook It Rocky Marciano How I Beat The Pussy Up Nigga You Aint No Piranha Playin Pussy Gettin F**ked Hit A Nigga From A Hundered Yards Like (Click), Shit You Really Dont Understand Dog Chopper Split Yo Ass In Half And They Can Share Ya'll Thats The Game Stop Lookin For A Fair Call Pussycat Niggas Watch Em Cough Up A Hairball Lookin At Niggas Like Why You Gotta Stare Dog Choppas Cut Heads Off It Doesnt Cut Hair Off These Niggas Air Soft Yeah Soft Shell Tacos Mild Sauce Move The Ferrari Like A Wild Horse Or Ill Get Chofered Like A Mob Boss Yeah Feel My Swagger Nigga Im Softer Than A Night Sword Blade And Dagger Dont Play Wit Me Bastard Dont Play Wit Me Casper Duct Tape Dont Break The Wrapper Ill Sell It To Em Whole And Theyll Pay Me Faster, Bitch Make Me Rich If Not Make Me Cum Then Make Me Grits Bitch Blow On These Dice Make Me Rich Then Watch Me Bet My Whole Hand On A Eight Or A Six, A Ten Or A Four, A Five Or Nine Hey Hey Little Rappers Its Survival Time.[Rep My Hood Lyrics on

Date Added: 2008-03-20
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